Who we are

Initially our production was aimed particularly at the jewelery and costume jewelery sector with the production of packaging and window displays, but over time we opened up to new markets and found considerable success.

Today we continue to produce, working to fully satisfy our customers who range in completely different fields, in fact we satisfy the needs of companies that need to:
boxes and bags for promotional items and gadgets, plastic boxes, boxes for the food market, transparent plastic boxes for minerals, boxes and cases for medals and awards, boxes for technical items, containers for electronic components.

We have more than 600 models of plastic boxes available in different shapes and sizes, surely some of these may be right for you!

We specialize in molding plastic materials with proprietary moulds, third party moulding, fabric die-cutting and sponges, thermoforming polystyrene sheets, production of plastic boxes and cases coloured, transparent plastic boxes, colored cardboard boxes, custom-made coated cardboard boxes, custom-made cases in wood covered in flocked fabrics or leather, cases for cups and trophies, sample suitcases made to measure, items for shop windows.

Mission and Vision: our Quality policy

We are a company with undisputed operational excellence, and we want to consolidate our identity by integrating conventional services with high added value services, through strong customer orientation, attention to continuous improvement, reliability and a sense of belonging to the company

To achieve this, the General Management adopts the policy of establishing and maintaining the efficiency of the Ve.lia Quality System.

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