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Customized boxes of all types

The prestigious company Ve.lia srl ​​is one of the best Italian companies in the production of customized boxes.

Ve.lia special productions

Present on the Italian market since 1956, Ve.lia is qualified in the production of customizable cases and boxes in quality plastic material, made using the plastic injection printing system. On 1600 square meters of surface area, the company produces not only in the plastic molding department but also in other sectors such as carpentry, die-cutting, thermoforming, laboratories for the most particular processes and special warehouses where the goods are received and shipped.

The whole thing is completed by the space reserved for the Show Room where all of its creations are displayed which, thanks also to long experience in the sector, manage to respond optimally to the most demanding requests of the market. Born with a packaging production aimed only at the costume jewelery and jewelery sector, it currently directs its activity towards all types of companies that need to request: plastic boxes, bags and boxes for gadgets and promotions, transparent boxes for minerals, boxes for the food sector, containers for electronic elements, medal cases.

The plastic boxes can be customized by choosing from 600 different models, in addition to the vast choice of colour, size and shape. In addition to those also made with colored cardboard or covered according to the size needed by the customer, wooden boxes covered in fabric or leather and also items for shop windows and sample suitcases. Let’s see below what the Ve.lia customization service consists of in more detail.

Special productions and customizations

Colored boxes:

On request it is possible to produce some models of plastic boxes with special colours, solid or transparent, with or without glitter. Contact us without delay and we will see together the optimal solution to your needs with our possibilities evaluating quantities, colours, models, delivery and prices.

Bulk boxes:

In the case of large productions of plastic boxes, it is possible to request delivery of loose boxes: lids, bottoms and, if needed, the interior separately. In this case you benefit from delivery times and the special price. If you are interested, you must take into account that the production of loose plastic boxes starts from 50,000 pieces and up.

Boxes with wording:

Almost most of our items can be personalized with wordings, logos, etc., in one color with hot stamping or in multiple colors with digital printing. An extra touch to stand out!

Ve.lia wide choice of products to customize

Every company that turns to the Ve.lia service can request to customize its plastic boxes with particular and original colors or transparent ones, with or without glitter. The professional and specialized team is at the complete disposal of the customer who will be able to offer the solution best suited to their needs, establishing all the details together, from the quantity to the choice of colours, shape, delivery method and final cost of the goods tidy.

Furthermore, the customer can also request to produce customized boxes with specific logos or wording, as well as choosing a color tone with a digital or hot printing system.

Customization of Ve.lia cases

Thanks to the experience and professionalism demonstrated in its years of work, to date the Ve-lia company has gained a prominent place in the customization sector where a vast range of products come into play. In this article we will delve into the topic of pencil cases made of plastic, to be customized with different types of material to satisfy any need and become the ideal pencil case for every occasion.

The choice of a case is not to be underestimated, since its aesthetics contributes to giving added value to the object it contains inside, which is why in the event that the customer does not deem the choice of the plastic case appropriate, he can ask for the creation of a tailor-made model with wooden or cardboard covering.

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