Ve.lia is a leading company in the market for the production of plastic cases, customizable for any type of event and material.
Some cases are produced in plastic material through the injection molding process, we have different models and sizes available, inside them it is possible to have different solutions.

Usually a case transmits greater value to the object it must contain, in fact if the choice of a plastic box is not satisfactory, we can often offer a more important case if not creating custom-made cases or boxes in coated cardboard or wood.

In this last case, suitable materials are chosen, paying attention to the finishes and quality, in such a way that they further enhance the objects they contain as well as protecting during transport and preserving everything in the long term.

Cases for minerals, small parts and semi-precious stones

The cases that we can offer in the mineralogy sector are various models, from small or large all transparent boxes to cases with dividers in flocked or shiny material that can be chosen based on our availability or can be made on request.

Like precious stones, our cases are often also chosen by scientific laboratories or technical offices to be able to sample, catalogue, distribute their products.​

Cases for watches and pens

Equipped with the classic snap closure and the now well-known elegant finish, these thin cases are designed according to the model they will enhance.

The bottom features refined padding and a thin strip of fabric in the center or on the sides, to ensure perfect adherence and stability of the object inside the case.
The models are available both in the classic externally coated form and in the totally transparent glossy plastic format.

On request it is possible to create customized boxes or cases both in coated cardboard and in wood covered with different paper materials.

Boxes and cases for watches and pens are just an important example of our production intended for the gift market and the promotional sector, but often the boxes we produce are also used for other items as long as they can be contained in the classic elongated shape of pen cases . An example was the supply of boxes for electronic cigarettes, orthodontic instruments, technical articles, gadgets and cutlery.

Ring boxes

The particular nature of this article requires a case that can both create a support for the ring and guarantee its protection over time.

This type has a snap closure and internal satin padding, with special compartments and slots to store your rings comfortably.

Cases for cufflinks, tie clips and wedding rings

Since these are particularly luxury items, the case is intended to be an object to show off on a special occasion, with an elegant covering and a customizable internal lining.

The compartments are tailor-made for the particular type of object they will house, and some models are supplied with a shaped bottom for better protection and presentation.

Jewelery boxes

This range offers different types of cases for the protection of necklaces, earrings and precious items.

The cases differ in size to be adaptable to different types of jewellery, they are externally lined and have internal padding in flocked fabric. It is possible to choose between the externally covered version or the imitation leather variant.

Cases for sports license plates, cups and trophies

Sports cases to contain cups and trophies are now a classic of our production and are often also chosen for other types of honors or awards. Dimensions are certainly not a problem for us because with our carpentry department we can create cases of any size.

Inside the case, precise recesses are made in its base to accommodate the base of the trophy so as not to make it move.

In the case of license plates, the case has a removable internal part, in order to create a support structure if necessary.

As for the cups, however, the snap closure is designed to open on the front, creating a small podium for the trophy in question.
All types have an internal and external coating, for total protection.

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All the cases, boxes and cases of the Ve.lia company are made with the most modern fabrics and the most advanced industrial materials. If necessary, the customer can request customized boxes or customizable items.