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When it comes to purchasing plastic boxes, you should only turn to those companies that have been able to guarantee their customers the highest possible quality for several years now. Because each plastic box is not just an object: it is a container that serves to give added value to your items, in addition to the functions of packaging, transport and protection.

Thanks to its profound experience in the sector, Velia Astucci is able to offer its customers a wide range of particularly different plastic boxes.

Everyone can find the one that best suits their functionality or design needs. Nonetheless, all the boxes on sale at the Velia Astucci factory enjoy high quality precisely because only real specialists work in the company staff. Plastic boxes of various sizes and formats are available.

If you don’t know how to choose the right one, you could always get help from the expertise of the Velia Astucci team.

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The customized solutions that Velia Astucci can offer are varied, trying to satisfy functional and aesthetic needs, always maintaining a high level of quality by always using raw materials or materials exclusively Made in Italy.
Plastic boxes of various sizes and formats are available with sizes ranging from 2.5×2.5 cm models up to 22×22 cm models.

Our boxes, or little boxes, are produced through an injection molding process where the plastic material in granules (Polystyrene PS) is injected into steel moulds.
Polystyrene (PS) is one of the oldest plastics invented, but it is still widely used due to its affordability and its exceptional properties such as transparency. In fact we often simplify, defining the material we use for the production of our boxes, “crystal polystyrene” in order to give the idea that our plastic boxes are transparent like crystal.
In fact, the plastic boxes we produce are mainly all produced with transparent lids so that the objects placed inside can be seen and recognized immediately and in any case draw attention directly to the item.

The bases of the boxes are usually produced in white or black and if desired, but not for all models, still transparent.
The boxes that Velia produces are all highly rigid, with brightness and sharpness characteristics and all certified for contact with food

The supplies and customizations can be of various kinds.
РExternal: wording/printing can be made on the lid or inside the box on the top of the lid, in one color through hot stamping with the creation of a specific cliché, in multiple colors by choosing between digital printing, pad printing, transfer.
If necessary, it is possible to cover our boxes with different patterns using the cubaging technique.

– Interior: inside our boxes it is possible to have nothing because you need an empty package or to insert materials such as sponges, velvet sponges, smooth or flocked cardboard, thermoformed plastic material, special interiors.

In addition to being able to supply transparent boxes or with black or white colored bottoms, it is also possible to supply them with different colors that are totally opaque, or colored but transparent at the same time. You can also add glitter to give it extra shine.
In the latter cases, however, it must be taken into account that the quantities requested are high but always depending on the model involved.

Velia Astucci also pays particular attention to the economic side of its products. Because it is no longer enough to simply create very high quality products and leave them on the market, but we must also worry about their convenience for end customers. Precisely this – convenience – represents a key factor in the philosophy of the company which has based its success on important characteristics, such as transparency and professionalism. In the race for competitiveness, Velia Astucci deals with the evolution of its products, paying the utmost attention possible to every aspect of them.

In fact, based on the models chosen and the high quantities it is possible to have the choice of:
– a standard supply where the packaging is done to perfection with the boxes assembled and the interior inserted into the box
– a supply with the interior delivered separately (example: assembled boxes but the sponge separately) saving an interesting percentage on the price list
– a completely loose supply, i.e. with the lid, the bottom and the interior all completely separated with a considerable saving.

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All the cases, boxes and cases of the Ve.lia company are made with the most modern fabrics and the most advanced industrial materials. If necessary, the customer can request customized boxes or customizable items.