Transparent boxes

Ve.lia, a leading company in the packaging sector, offers a wide range of transparent plastic boxes for jewelery and objects.
The transparent boxes are made through injection molding, ensuring a high level of wear resistance and the use of the highest quality materials.

They are composed of a hard plastic base, which can be completed internally with sponges, thermoformed sheets, cardboard and velvet, and a completely transparent upper part perfect for an exhibition function.

The available dimensions vary from 25×25 mm up to 220×220 mm, adapting to every type of object thanks to the measurements achieved. They are also available in the circular version, with a diameter ranging from 11 mm to 126 mm.

Transparent boxes for minerals and stones

The transparent boxes in the cubic version are ideal for presenting the minerals on display. The plastic bottom can be lined with different materials, in order to prevent possible impacts with the rigid material. It is possible to purchase the boxes in different sizes, depending on the stones or minerals we want to exhibit.

Thanks to the high quality of the materials used, this type of box is also suitable for medical and geological laboratories to preserve samples in the most appropriate way.

The boxes are also available in the circular version, suitable for very small items.

Transparent boxes for pens and key rings

The refined hard plastic packaging features a rigid base, which can be lined internally with cardboard or fabric.

Depending on the type required, the covering may include a retainer for better sealing and exposure.

It is also possible to request further customization of the internal section, by creating a mold of the object that we will place inside the box.

Transparent boxes for numismatics

Due to the transparent nature of the outer cover, clear boxes are the perfect option for displaying and storing collectible coins. The boxes are available in different types and sizes, to be adaptable to the entire collection.

The base is made of hard plastic, and it is possible to line the inside with cardboard or fabric. In the first case, it is possible to request the creation of a cast of the coin for better presentation and preservation.
The boxes are available both in the squared version and in the circular format which adapts very well to this particular type of item.

Transparent boxes for various objects

Our vast selection of boxes satisfies a wide range of requests with more than 600 models available.

Many of these boxes are produced with a transparent lid so that you can immediately see the object that is placed inside.
Some models also have dividers available to keep items separate for better organization.

Our company supplies transparent plastic boxes in the most varied fields and for different uses such as: packaging for sampling and cataloging in laboratories, distribution of consumables for orthodontics, objects and promotional items, minerals, production of small metal parts, medals and awards, artistic objects, optics, pharmaceuticals and technical articles.

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