Quality Policy

The Mission and the Vision

We are an operator with undisputed operational excellence, and we want to consolidate our identity by integrating conventional services with high added value services, through strong customer orientation, attention to continuous improvement, reliability and a sense of belonging to the company

To achieve this, the General Management adopts the policy of establishing and maintaining the efficiency of the Ve.lia Quality System.
The Management promotes all useful and necessary actions so that the Quality System is:

  • Appropriate for the purposes of the organization;
  • Totally oriented towards the satisfaction of the Customer and in general of the users in every phase of the activity through the continuous improvement of the effectiveness of the Quality Management System in accordance with the provisions of the UNI EN ISO 9001:2015 Standard;
  • Monitored through the definition and updating of quality objectives;
  • Communicated to all company components as well as to suppliers of goods and services, ensuring their understanding and sharing through continuous training and awareness;
  • Periodically reviewed by the Management itself to ensure its continued suitability.

The Management also wants to ensure full compliance with safety regulations and maximum attention to the protection of the health of its employees and third parties and the integrity of the data processed. In particular, Ve.lia considers the commitment to compliance with the legislation and agreements applicable to the health and safety of workers to be fundamental and considers the entire company organization responsible for managing the same, from the employer down to each worker, each according to their duties and responsibilities.

Ve.lia is therefore committed to considering the health and safety of workers and the related results as an integral part of its management, therefore considering a result in this area as gratifying and important as a production or quality result. To this end, the Management establishes the quality management system: it is entrusted with the responsibility and authority for the establishment of the Quality System and the verification of its application by all the other functions involved.

The General Management supervises the entire Quality System by implementing measures compliant with the regulations and taking charge of defining the tools and guidelines for the achievement and continuous improvement of Ve.lia’s Quality System.

Quality Certificate

Quality Policy

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