What do we do

Some series of our boxes are specifically dedicated to the world of jewelery and costume jewellery, while many other models and series are to be considered simple packaging that can be interpreted and used in various other sectors such as:

Electrical / Electronic
Our boxes are often used as packaging for various technical items, examples of which are items such as abrasive discs for cleaning and polishing.
We also supply companies where particularly delicate or important items and electronic components with high technological content are inserted into our plastic boxes.

By issuing copies of the various certificates of the materials used for the production of the boxes we are also able to offer our items in the food sector: saffron, sweets, Easter eggs etc… are just some examples.

It has always been an important sector for the supply of packaging for gadgets and promotional items. Thanks to the extreme flexibility of our company, we are able to offer any quantity.

Universities, scientific laboratories, companies specializing in monitoring ask for our articles to store and classify samples of materials used for study and research as well as used to contain consumables to be supplied to any structures in Italy.

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