Custom-made cases

Creation of custom-made cases

Ve.Lia has been satisfying for years the growing demand for cases, sample cases and chests of drawers, made to measure for various types of items. Examples of this include cases for statues, design objects such as vases, lamps, rather than suitcases for special samples, or chests of drawers that combine elegance for display with practicality of use and resistance in transport. We can supply tailor-made 24 hour suitcases for special or exclusive samples, an example of which is creations for sales agents in the medical sector with the production of suitcases for excipients or disposable materials for surgery, or suitcases for bathroom furnishing accessories and cases for precious and special productions for silverware.

Customization of Ve.Lia cases

Thanks to the experience and professionalism demonstrated in its years of work, to date the Ve.Lia company has gained a prominent place in the customization sector where a vast range of products come into play. In this article we will delve into the topic of pencil cases made of plastic, which can be customized with different types of material to satisfy any need and become the ideal pencil case for any occasion.

The choice of a case should not be underestimated, since its aesthetics contributes to giving added value to the object it contains inside, which is why in the event that the customer does not deem the choice of the plastic case appropriate, he can ask for creation of a tailor-made model with wooden or cardboard covering. Below are some of the Ve.Lia cases, each made to contain certain objects in complete safety and to enhance their aesthetics.

Customized cases for small parts, semi-precious stones and minerals

Ve.Lia offers its customers interested in purchasing cases in the minerals sector different models ranging from boxes made in small or large dimensions in transparent plastic or alternatively with dividers produced in shiny or flocked material or with the possibility of designing something differently upon specific customer request.

The cases of this specific sector are also in great demand for use in technical offices or in special scientific laboratories, where they are used to catalog and arrange product samples.

Customized ring boxes

This category of Ve.Lia cases is designed and manufactured not only to support the ring but also to ensure correct protection of it over time. Designed to make the case also beautiful to look at, they are lined inside with silk fabric, which completes everything: the snap closure, the slots or compartments to store the ring in an optimal way.

Customized cases for tie clips, cufflinks and wedding rings

This is certainly a case to be shown on important occasions, which is why they are produced with a classy design and attention to detail. The outside is covered with a particularly elegant fabric, while the inside is covered with a lining, which the customer can choose to customize according to his personal tastes. The various compartments are designed differently depending on the object they are intended to store, some in fact have a shaped bottom to ensure greater safety and above all to further enhance the beauty of the contents.

Customized cases for jewellery

Made to store different types of jewellery, from necklaces to bracelets and earrings, the Ve.Lia company is committed to designing customizable cases for this sector to guarantee each jewel can be stored in total safety even for a long time. Obviously, in order to be suitable for the relevant jewel, the sizes of the cases are different. They are produced on the outside with an elegant covering or alternatively in imitation leather fabric, while the internal part has padding made in flocked fabric.

Custom cases for pens and watches

The Ve.Lia cases designed to contain prestigious high quality pens or watches are made in different sizes depending on the object to be inserted. The refined and elegant design features a snap closure and the internal bottom padded with a refined fabric that contributes to giving a classy and refined appearance.

For greater protection and stability of the pen or watch inside, there is a very thin strip of fabric in the central or lateral part of the case. The cases in this category have a versatile style, in fact, depending on the occasion they can be used to contain other objects, as long as the dimensions allow it, different from those for which they were made. For example, a further use for them is to contain electronic cigarettes.

It should be noted that Ve.Lia, always careful to satisfy every customer request, offers the possibility of customizing the case. As an alternative to the one with a classic shape with external covering or in transparent glossy plastic, you can choose the version of the cardboard case with wooden covering.

Customized cases for trophies, cups and sports plaques

The creation of Ve.Lia cases for these specific objects is studied differently depending on whether it is a trophy, plaque or cup, while each one has an elegant covering both outside and inside. Everything is designed in detail and the carpentry department perfectly creates the box of the required dimensions. The license plate cases are equipped with a removable part inside which allows you to place them comfortably. The cup case is made with a snap opening that allows it to be opened at the front, obtaining the appearance of a podium.


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