Cutting Plotter


The fields of application of the cutting plotter are many: cutting leather, fibreglass, carbon fibre, fabrics, adhesive films, composite materials for paper converting and digital printing, rubbers, gaskets, paper materials, materials for the footwear sector, carpets and carpets, PU, EVA, XPE, PVC, PP, PE, PTFE, ETFE and composites. The AOL 1625 cutting plotter connects to the computer via ethernet cable, ensuring stable and safe data passage, to load files of different formats including DXF, Ai etc.

The system can be equipped with various cutting tools, CCD cameras for register mark recognition, projectors and other high-quality tools. The enormous possibility of customization makes it high-performance in all application sectors.

  • Machine dimensions: 2,280 x 3,680 mm
  • X/Y axis useful working area: 600 x 2,500 mm
  • Z axis free height: 50 mm
  • Servo motor and driver
  • Cutting speed from 200 – 3000 mm/s (depending on the material processed)
  • Positioning speed 800 – 3000 mm/s
  • 8 zone vacuum table managed via software

Our automatic cutting machine is equipped with an intelligent fabric cutting system, the device which has replaced the traditional cutting (hand scissors, electric shears) performed by professional workers thanks to high technology reduces processing times and therefore the costs and above all waste of material.

This device uses a vertical mode and an alternative to the classic blade cutting, in particular it is very useful for cutting fabrics. Completely automatic in the mechanics of processing and cutting control thanks to a software that manages the entire processing cycle of the various cuttings, regulating pass sequence, cutting direction, cutting speed and other set parameters, in order to guarantee a result of high quality.

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Configuration that allows double production setup, one with static and electric oscillation tools, to cut most materials on the market

Two-position multifunction head

  • Quick couplings for cutting heads.
  • Easy plug to connect tools

Electric oscillating cutting head

The Electric Oscillating Tool is designed for cutting soft and medium-hard materials. The high stroke frequency guarantees a higher machining speed and helps to make the entire machining process more efficient.

  • Japanese technology servo motor
  • High frequency electric oscillating cutting
  • Blades with different angles (45°, 26°, 16°) to vary the cutting depths

Driven Rotary Tool 

Designed for fast cuts, it does not generate friction. Associated with the reel holder and the automatic rotary system of the Conveyor, it guarantees continuous, automatable production. 8 or 10 sided rotating blade, air jet cooled. Ideal for canvas, textile fibers, backlit banners, Airtex, blueback papers, textile materials, thin and breathable fabrics.

  • Rotary electric oscillating cutting
  • Ideal for processing fabrics and foams

Creasing head

Tool for creasing various types of materials with a ribbed structure, with variable waves. Materials such as corrugated packaging cardboard, stretched cardboard for cases and boxes.

  • Precision creasing tool
  • Corrugated cardboard, honeycomb panels
  • Creasing on variable thicknesses

Drag Knife

Universal tool for static cutting. Rigid drag blade for quick and precise cuts. From plastic materials such as Forex, Pet PVC, to vinyl, magnetic, ribbed polyonda, sandwich and much more. Wide series of blades with various geometries and cutting edge height ranges, degrees of inclination in relation to needs.

  • Tangential cutting tool
  • Suitable for paper, cardboard, vinyl, magnetic, etc.

Head V-CUT

Variable range, rapid and precision cutting tool. Through and partial cutting for creasing at 30° 45° 60° 90°. Reboard, medium density PVC, honeycomb cardboard, honeycomb cardboard.

  • Quick and precise 45° cutting tool
  • Possibility of varying the inclination of the blade to make incisions and cuts with different degrees
  • Materials: medium density PVC, cardboard, nest cardboard

Kiss Cut

Tool for half cutting on films and thin materials. Automatic depth preset, spring torsion adjustment, with adjustment plate to follow any discrepancies in the material. Suitable for adhesive carving vinyls, laminated PVC.

  • Tool for half cutting on films and thin materials
  • Automatic depth preset
  • Suitable for stickers, labels etc.

CCD Camera

  • CCD camera for mark recognition
  • Fast and precise
  • QR Code – BAR Code reading


The vacuum table guarantees a firm hold of the materials during processing. The plan is divided into eight sections that can be managed individually via the control panel. The 9 kW vacuum pump allows for high performance. The conveyor work surface guarantees continuous automatic processing.


Configurable point and cross laser pointer according to your needs. Speeds up the process of team positioning of the material on the work surface.

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