Fabric cutting for third parties

Since 2014, our company has offered a fabric cutting service to all those companies that need to rely on a partner for the cutting of textile products. Our need is to work well so that our customers, having us as suppliers, can dedicate their time focusing on other aspects of their work. The idea is that together we work better, finding the right solution together allows us to move forward without problems, without creating problems is already an excellent basis for avoiding unnecessary costs and worries. The meaning of working well for our company is to be fast, punctual, organized and find the best solution at the best possible price. Perhaps, this is precisely why in the first 5 years of this “die-cutting service” we have had notable growth, complementing our production of plastic packaging through injection molding with equally satisfactory work.

For years now, Ve.Lia has specialized in cutting fabrics for third parties and found itself satisfying the great demand of companies that needed to find a reliable partner for the production of filters for masks through the die-cutting of filter fabrics. Our machinery allows you to easily cut multilayer rolls with a variable number depending on the thickness of the fabric to be die-cut, from a minimum of three rolls to a maximum of six rolls with a maximum height of the same equal to 150 cm of useful area.

During this period, mainly materials with circular shapes and different diameters were die-cut according to customer requests to be used as a filter element for masks produced in rigid or semi-rigid materials, such as medical grade silicone. Following the characteristics of the surgical mask, the fabrics entrusted to us for the die cutting process are of two different types depending on their filtering capacity and how the mask must be produced, i.e. by the overlap of at least 3 layers of fabric- non-woven (TNT) polypropylene with different functions.

Specifically, VE.LIA srl offers a fabric die-cutting service for third parties.

This service is mainly aimed at all those companies that wish and need to die-cut fabrics of various types and semi-rigid materials into sheets.

Information request Fabric cutting for third parties

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  • Die-cutting of TNT (non-woven fabric) fabrics
  • Die cutting Spunbond and Meltblown
  • Die cutting fabrics for the production of filters
  • Die-cut satins and thin synthetic fabrics
  • Die-cutting of microfibre fabrics
  • Die cutting felt fabrics
  • Die-cutting of woolen fabrics
  • Die-cutting of nylon fabrics
  • Die-cut cardboard and card stock
  • Die-cut magnetic sheets
  • Die-cut gaskets
  • Die-cutting leather, imitation leather, leather (leather in general)
  • Die cutting linoleum
  • Die cutting sponges
  • Die cutting PVC
  • Die-cut E.V.A. or polyethylene or expanded polypropylene
  • Die cutting rubber
  • Die-cut sponge erasers
  • Die cutting Neoprene
  • Punch out cork

Sheet die cutting

If the material is supplied in sheets it is possible to die-cut it with semi-automatic machines or plates, combining the productivity of the machine and the control of our staff for optimal production.

By creating suitable dies for precise cuts, it is possible for us to:

• die-cut satins and thin synthetic fabrics
• die-cut felt of different thicknesses
• punch sponges
• die-cut imitation leather
• punch PVC
• die-cut E.V.A. or polyethylene or expanded polypropylene
• punch wadding
• die-cut magnetic sheets
• die-cut cardboard and cardstock

For information, call our offices and to get a rough estimate, tell us the type of material, whether in sheets or rolls, and the quantity of pieces to be die-cut.
However, to have a precise offer, if the material has never been worked, it would be better to receive a sample and carry out a die-cutting test.
The dies are always paid by the customer. The tests can also be carried out with our models if similar to your request, otherwise they must be carried out specifically with a cost to be estimated.

Roll die cutting

High productivity is guaranteed by the automatic machine that cuts fabrics loaded into rolls, in fact by mounting them on special supports the fabric is prepared by pulling it onto the cutting area and then being die-cut by the rotating mobile arm.

The rolls of fabric must have a maximum height of 140 cm and a maximum weight of 35 kg per roll.

Depending on the material and the work to be carried out, it is possible to die-cut even 4 layers of overlapping material resulting in greater processing speed and lower cost for each single cut piece.
Maximum cutting surface 40×40 cm

Die-cutting of filters for spirometers

The same process that our company offers for the production of filters for some models of protective masks is also carried out for the die-cutting of materials for the production of filters for spirometers. Having in common the circular shape with different diameters and the use of filter fabrics, practically the processing procedure is the same but with different destinations. The filters for masks intended for individual protection, the filters for spirometers to be able to carry out laboratory tests for measuring breathing.

In fact, spirometry is the most widespread and common test that can be done to determine the level of people’s respiratory function. The instrument that allows you to do this is the spirometer with which respiratory flows are measured, determining whether the airways are free or obstructed. Spirometry can be carried out with different methods and electronic equipment, but always sharing a sensor that detects the flows, the antiviral antibacterial filters and the mouthpiece.

The disposable and sterile antibacterial filter allows the filtration of the air from pathogens, having a bacterial filtration efficiency of 99.99%, allowing you to protect patients, operators and the environment. Inside this antibacterial filter we find the actual filter fabric. Now specialized in cutting fabrics for third parties through die-cutting, especially for technical-industrial production processes, our company offers the antibacterial filter fabric cutting service for the type of products described above.

Our work is carried out quickly, with precision and attention to detail. Once we have received the final design of the item to be cut, we proceed with the creation of the die and with the material received from the customer we proceed with the preparation of the cutting machine and everything needed to deliver a well-done and tidy job.


Within our production we have different solutions depending on the needs, we use a fabric die-cutting machine that performs automatic fabric cutting, ideal for cutting from rolls, excellent for large orders with a high number of pieces to be die-cutted and at the same time having a low price. highly competitive. Other solutions are semi-automatic machines for small runs or plates for sheet work, to which we add a machine for continuous automatic fabric cutting. Obviously everything starts from the type of fabric to be cut, and if it falls within the type of materials already processed we do not need to carry out any tests. An example of this is the TNT (Non-Woven Fabric) cut, which is easy to find and work with and is widely used, for example, for the production of protective masks.

However, if it is not included in the list of fabrics already processed by us, we will certainly need to receive a sample to carry out some cutting tests with our dies. It is important to know whether the material to be received will be woven in rolls or in plates or sheets, their size and the shape that we will cut as well as the quantity of pieces that we should produce. This allows us to evaluate the choice between the fabric cutting machines to use and which will allow us to give a first idea of the price of the single piece processed.

We often use the word “fabrics” to be die-cut in a generic way, which for us includes different types of materials that can be processed, but in reality they can also be semi-rigid materials, it is important not to consider materials that are too thick or too hard that a die would not be able to to cut. The fabric cutting dies are made according to the customer’s design with costs that vary depending on their complexity and size, but if the right evaluations are made, the cost of the die is repaid without the slightest doubt with the pieces to be produced.

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