​Specifically, VE.LIA srl offers a THERMOFORMING service for third parties

This service is mainly aimed at all those companies that wish and need to create thermoformed interiors for cases, boxes, suitcases, trays, cardboard packaging or produce thermoformed packaging for various items.

Thermoforming from rolls

​The high productivity of a fully automatic machine allows you to thermoform PVC material loaded into rolls, in fact by mounting them on special supports the material is prepared by pulling it onto the thermoforming area to then be cut and deposited in special containers.

Most of the thermoforming PVC we use in rolls is 0.4mm thick with a width of 52cm.

Depending on the sector of application of the thermoformed article, there can be different color choices and, for specific sectors, certification for pharmaceutical/medical use.

Sheet thermoforming

When it is necessary to obtain a specific thermoformed article with a certain strength, it is possible to thermoform sheets of various thicknesses.

In this case, the work of our specialized staff will assist the performance of the machine set to semi-automatic mode.

Sectors provided

Our company, also producing injection molded plastic packaging, supplies its thermoformed products in various market sectors:

  • Thermoforming for medical, dental (orthodontic) products
  • Thermoforming for gadgets and promotional products
  • Thermoforming for award items (medals, coins, plaques, etc.)
  • Thermoforming for food products
  • Thermoforming for technical articles
  • Thermoforming on request based on needs


For the thermoforming of various materials it is necessary to create the most suitable equipment based on the model and the number of pieces to be produced.

Therefore it is possible to produce molds in brass, aluminium, plastic or MDF.


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